adtac: Presentation Design

I was challenged to come up with the visual identity for a project where artists swap homes in attempt to blur the lines between privacy and studio life – all under the slogan "Home is where the art is."

presentation design
Google slides

Design brief

The identity of adtac is based on three key words daring, innovative & secure, offering a fine balance between offering their key partners and customers daring simulations (red teaming, war games, future focus). It thereby pushes for innovations to counter-disinformation, whilst ensuring their security & general cyber security.

The moodboard is shifting between sharp and edgy geometric shapes & the Matrix' Construct (white misty room). The fine line of focus is the 'Клином красным бей белых!' [Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge] 1919 Soviet propaganda poster by El Lissitsky.

'Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge' by El Lissitsky
Final slides:
final slides

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