Diasporave: Brand Identity

‘Diasporave’ was an initiative launched by myself and a group of friends from the Moldovan diaspora in The Netherlands, initially aimed at exploring the intersection between Western and Eastern-European electronic music consumption.

logo design
event design

Identity elements

All basic identity elements were developed and coordinated in the multi-stage redesign process.

A key element of the corporate design is the outstanding typography. It stands for the combination of the Moldovan ethnographic elements and its minimalist approach.

logo anatomy

Color palette

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diasporave site mock-up

Preview site demo

instagram story mockup

Event design

'Diasporave' events are organized twice a year and I was the designer behind the event posters since the pilot event.

facebook event page containing design mockup


Amongst the item sold at events are T-shirts, caps, hoodies, beanies and stickers.

photo of people wearing diasporave merch
person holding a diasporave stickerperson wearing a diasporave cap
photograph from a diasporave party
tshirt design mockup
photograph of the diasporave team

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