Fără Limite Podcast: Visual Identity

Nicu is a young creative and initiator of the 'Fără Limite' Romanian-speaking podcast, for which I was commissioned to design a visual and auditory identity for. The show invites influential people – young and old – in order to debate uncut, taboo, exciting subjects about everyday life.

motion graphics
sound design

Desired vibe

I chose for the visual identity of this podcast to be modern, bold, and thought-provoking, reflecting the provocative and uncensored nature of the discussions. It aims to capture the essence of Moldova's cultural and social values, while also appealing to a wide audience of Romanian-speaking listeners.

Finally, the final design's aim is to be flexible enough to adapt to different mediums, such as social media platforms, website headers, and podcast thumbnails. It is also easy to reproduce in different sizes and formats, without losing its impact or visual clarity.


‘Izvar’ (gluhwein) was the main key in this exploration. Drinking gluwein in Moldova is a way to socialize and celebrate the cold season. It’s also a symbol of coziness. Therefore, visually outlining the chosen typeface into a cup / mug, was a great starting point.

logo experimentations

Font choice

The chosen typography is a sans-serif font – bold, modern and edgy, with clean lines and a minimalist feel, and gives a modern, professional look to the design.


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